If I look back at this time last year, it is amazing to see the massive shift in dynamic. The living situation, the people, the behaviour and the outcomes. Everything, don’t know if its positive or negative, actually it kind of doesn’t matter.

 This whole shift puts the idea of change into perspective. “Change is good”, “Change for the better” are some phrases that people love to throw around. How can we be sure that change is always for the good?. All of us know that horrible haircut we experienced just for “change” and if it is in fact for the better, can we always see it?
 Changes regulate between the phases of life, some good some bad. Bad ones like, My super cool best friend, who is in a committed relationship turning into a clingy idiot, claiming that I never have time for him. My interest in football dwindling, just cos it feels like high school again with the mean girls in the committee and me as a total outsider. I do however, have good ones too. I moved to England for university, huge change. Moved into a house with my friends, even bigger. If someone had told me this in high school, I would’ve laughed my ass off. My family, especially my mum, who wouldn’t let me get milk from the locality market would let me go to University outside my county, let alone the freaking country. My dad, who would give me Rs 20, every Friday to spend at the canteen, would be wiring pounds to me , upon my discretion to spend. I, who struggled to make a decent omelette for myself, now making daal and chicken and what not.
I remember crying while I was skyping my friend U, about how I missed my family and how I felt like I wasn’t around enough but that too changed. I’m so proud to see my little brother stepping up and fulfilling the role I had. In that moment it feels like you’re trapped and that the walls are going to close in on you but that is when the roof opens up. You see light, climbing up will take effort, I know that but it will completely be worth it. That light is change. If you ever feel caged, bound or stressed, bring about some change. It could be something as small as the music you listen to, to something as big as the place where you live. This may sounds insane at the moment, I’d be surprised if it didn’t but as time progresses you’ll see.
You’ll see that there are people in the world with problems much bigger and more serious that yours, (not just to sound cliche’). They still push through and try to bring about a change, any change, whatever possible to find a solution to their problems. Time and thought, as long as you use your time reasonably and thoughts carefully, there is no force in this whole wide world that can stop you from achieving your goal. If there is one thing to change in me or in anyone else, that would be shifting of blame. There will always be someone to blame, an excuse to make. You’re strong, own up to your folly and move on.
Just to end this rant about dealing with change, let me tell you an ancient fable. A king once asked a group of wise men to get him a ring that would always make him happy. They made a ring out of metal and inscribed on it were the words, “This too shall pass.”