What exactly does need mean for you? Especially with the period sign at the end of it. I NEED this or I NEED that has become a very common phrasing for something that we WANT, not something that we particularly NEED.

The interesting thing to consider is that these things that we “need” aren’t really what we want for ourselves, it is about this strive to fit into that niche of a utopian image of ourselves, often cut out by people around us. A simple example of that would be the excruciating summer diets. How many times have we heard the words, “Man, I really want that cookie/that piece of cake but I NEED to be a size 8 by the end of the month.” Clearly, you aren’t doing right by yourself.

There’s this little phenomena that I believe the world works with called ‘ The LaIMG_20151115_183643w of Attraction’. It works on the basic principle of ‘what you can see in your mind, you can hold in your reality’. So that thing  you NEED will come to you, if you can visualise what it would be like to already have it. Now people would be skeptical of it, tbh I was too. “How can eating cookies get me to a six-pack ? You must be crazy” But here’s the thing. The mistake that people make is that they try to push away the negative, they visualise ‘not being fat’ or ‘not being unhappy’ and so on. The universe however, does not register these ‘not’s so what you’re putting out there is what you wanted to push away, making the whole process out to be a waste. So again, think about what you actually want and not so much about what you NEED. For I believe that I’d rather die happy and content than live long in a life of sorrow and discontent.

Say what YOU want, do what YOU like (obviously, not in the selfish sense) cos you know your days are numbered and you want to make the most of them.



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