Letting go

Have you ever felt that you’ve gotten used to things and people being and behaving a certain way? I for one have.

I moved away from home for university in September 2014 and since then I’ve lived with the same people and I won’t mind admitting that I’d grown habitual to it. At the end of my first year at uni, two of my housemates started dating, to begin with I was extremely happy. I was in fact, one of the people encouraging them to get together. As time changed, so did the circumstances. They gained each other as partners but I lost two of my friends to this relationship and I am yet to get them back.img_20160116_131935

The people in question, one of whom currently living with me had a birthday recently. In first year, we would’ve partied with as many people as possible and I wouldn’t have to give the ‘surprise!’ idea even a second thought but as I said, things have changed. This person didn’t want anything big, or anything at all to honest. They’re humble and everything but the relationship seems to have smothered the social, bubbly and exuberant side of my housemate. Now you might think,’Well, are you done with the ranting already?’ but I’d say, I’m just making a point. Things and people change and you need to change with them too. The fact that I didn’t plan anything, didn’t express my opinion or even make any suggestions signified the face that I’ve let go. Many times in life we hold on to our memory of people, we see them in a deceptive, retrospective light which doesn’t do anybody any good. The person, thing or relationship could mean the world to you but it’s not worth pondering over it if you don’t appeal to it. The universe works on the basic principle of ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. If you don’t receive the admiration, love and respect that you offer then STOP, right in that moment. The laws of nature exist for a reason, or if not a reason, then an excuse. One that will allow you to escape from this downward spiral on unfettered, unreciprocated effort.

The intention of my thought isn’t to give up on people but to understand when the chasm widens and preventing yourself from falling into it. Love and respect yourself before anything else and remember, nothing/no one in life is irreplaceable. The clock goes round, the earth revolves and everyone moves on.


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