Catch and Release

First post of the new year and I’m already onto a stress rant. Life’s hard on everyone, or so I’ve been told. It’s not easy to flourish equally in all spheres of life and is particularly evident in the lives of those who’ve taken on maybe a bit too much.

Time is an incredibly important aspect of any and every person’s life. Be it spending time with someone, wasting time on something or making time for yourself. Most of us forget the ebb and flow of time thereby, not realising this sand slipping away from the hourglass. This is the point when it comes to making choices, picking your battles and cutting down. Focus on things that satisfy you, intellectually, physically and spiritually. This will allow you to focus on things and people that you truly love and uproot all (probable) causes of stress in a person’s life.

Recently, I’ve fallen under a mountain of work making me feel unorganised, lost and hassled to the point where I couldn’t eat, sleep or even think! Again, time comes into play here, I had to make the choice of how I want to spend my time, clear my mind of all the unnecessary rubbish that’s been bugging me. Every person knows exactly the kind of things they need to do to de-stress and regain composure. For me, that would be travelling, exploring and people. St Ives today gave me just that, no rain (thank god Britain!), bright day and the best people. Walking around the city, talking to people about things completely detached from work and just sitting by the seaside, listening to the waves build and crash gave me the clarity to think, rest and just be, peacefully. I finally felt the fatigue resting on my eyes but also lightness, almost like a burden lifted off my shoulders.

All such experiences entail important life lessons, the ones like this one particularly. This makes it evident how we’re actually free and privileged to have the kind of opportunities that we do. Another lesson being, give time and take time; allow time for things to fall into place and take time off as and when needed.

Keep your eyes open to catch but keep your mind open to release.




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