We’ve all experienced wait, be it waiting to meet someone special or waiting for something special to happen but one thing we do not know is that awaits us.

We wake up in the morning, with out schedules set in stone, ready to take on the day. It is however extremely likely that certain momentary changes might impact you drastically. A smile or a hug can make those mellow thoughts vanish while solitude, by choice or otherwise can loom one into the dark thoughts in one’s head.

That’s where the wait comes in, we wait for events, experiences and feelings but do they wait for us? To be an absolute cliche, I could go on and say don’t wait, take chances, carpe diem and all that jazz, but No, I will say WAIT. Wait for that friend, wait for that call or text, wait for that special dish on the menu, (even if it’s an hour late) because in the end it will add value to your life and your experience.

Impatience is the bane of human existence. If we could all slow down for a while, introspect and retrospect, we could fathom how amazing this life can be, how great the person you just walked past is and how we’re all in this together. Stop and Stare is not just an idea for the Imagist movement or a one republic song. It is the idea behind that childlike wonder, that ability to wait, for the rainbow after the muddy shower, for desert after the force-fed greens and for that moment of innate satisfaction when everything falls into place.

STOP. Stare. Watch and wait.

You’re in for something truly great.


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