If one was put on a spot and asked, “What do you mean by friendship? What does the word signify for you?”, most people would say helping the person, caring for them, always being there for them etc.etc. but what people usually forget is that friendship entails much more. Conversation is great but friendship also involves hearing and perceiving what the person isn’t saying.

This brings me to eyes. Might sound awfully overused, but it’s true “eyes are the peephole to the mind”. You can look into someone’s eyes and you’ll see every emotion they’re going through, every sorrow, every joy, swims in the ocean of the eyes.

Last night, I was at a halloween party and it was also my friend’s birthday. We all know how we love feeling special on our birthdays, or at least I do. His eyes just didn’t have that spark, it was like he had no expectations.

Quite sad actually, cos three of his friends ditched him during the course of the night which left me and two guys with him, one of whom was staying just out of guilt for missing his birthday. Now, these people that were his ‘friends’ literally left him alone. He wouldn’t want that on his birthday would he?

So again, who exactly can you call your friend? What draws the line between friendship and acquaintance? Don’t think a lot of people can answer that question.


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